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YP Foods Pvt Ltd was established in 2015. The Head Office is located in Kolkata with an extensive Pan India distributor network. Our state of art Ready-to-Fry 3D pellet manufacturing facility is located in Howrah Industrial Zone with an annual capacity of 4500 metric tons. The Management behind YP Foods has tremendous experience in doing business with experts from the snack food industry in production, distribution, quality control and R&D working together. Snack pellets Manufacturers in Kolkata | Snacks company in eastern India | Processed Papad Manufacturers in Kolkata.


Pappadum popularly known as Papad in India has been a staple since generations with people across all cultures enjoying its crunchy texture and the different flavorings. It is a must have accompaniment with food with many enjoying it as a stand-alone snack. Traditionally being made at home, it has now made the transition to being manufactured in state of art factories under strict hygiene whilst maintaining the same taste and flavor.So, we are Top Snacks companies in india.Our quality proved itself top 5 namkeen brands in india.Day by day we organised Snacks company in Kolkata and Snack pellets Manufacturers in India . Ready to fry products are gaining popularity across the world because of its freshness and long shelf life. The product has to be fried or air popped after which a beautiful expansion takes place making the product ready to eat. There are many Fryums manufacturer in india but we are the best Fryums manufacturer in eastern india ,also Fryums manufacturer in Kolkata .Our factory, set up in accordance with international standards, specializes in production of ready to fry 3D snack pellets or pappadum in various shapes like - triangle, hexagon (20 paise), oval ( ball ) , bat and fish shapes.We are Cereal Pellets Manufacturers in India, also Eastern India and Cereal Pellets Manufacturers in Kolkata.If you find indian namkin list and Indian namkeen brands in india 2018, we will get our website. 


  • Heat the required quantity of oil upto a temperature of approx. 180 C – 185 C and slow down the gas.
  • Gently lower the Fun Bites papad into the pan.
  • Fry it for approx. 10-15 secs or till the colour turns light cream for proper expansion.
  • Remove the papad, which is now ready to be enjoyed with a sprinkle of your favourite seasonings and spices.


  • Wheat Flour
  • Corn Flour
  • Rice Flour
  • Edible Starches
  • Edible Salt & Refined Cooking Oils


YP Foods is an ISO 22000 (FSMS) certified company and is also registered with government organizations like FSSAI and APEDA. At YP foods, we believe in incorporating and maintaining global standards. High quality machines are used for manufacturing snacks. Quality control measures are taken right from the first step of raw material sourcing till the final packaging of the product. Hygiene is maintained at the factory at all levels. We strive to comply with quality control and hygiene requirements so that we can build a strong bond based on faith with our customers. The quality controllers ensure that the snacks are of uniform and standard quality throughout the production. The company also has an active team for research and development which engages in new product development activities.



Feeding system

For Our 3D pellets, formulation of Different recipes is loaded in the extruder mixer after sifting and sorting in the feeding system.

Cooker extruder

The premix is then transferred to the mixer blender after which water & oil are added to form the dough .The mixed dough is then passed through the extruder where the it is cooked at desired temperatures. The product is then pushed through a die which has the required aperture to form two sheets of required thickness. The sheets are then cooled and over lapped and passed through a roller.


Both the sheets pass through the rotoweb which punches the sheets.

Cooling conveyor

Sheets pass through the cooling conveyor to be cooled before entering the rotovario.


The cooled punched sheets move to a cutting web called rotovario where the it is cut into different shapes like triangle , hexagon or ball etc.

Pre dryer & Dryer

The product shapes are then passed through predryer and dryer in order to uniformly reduce moisture and obtain desired shape and expansion The pellets are then collected in bins or transferred to packing machine (after cooling passing through cooling conveyor) for packaging in bulk or small packs as per customer requirement.


Our distribution network is widely spread in India and overseas. For any queries related to sales, please get in touch with us at sales@ypfoods.in
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